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Wifi & Bluetooth for ASUS ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING (mini-ITX)

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I will be using ASUS ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING (mini-ITX) for my new build, and I'm trying to figure out the best solution for WiFi & Bluetooth. I understand that it should be possible to replace the WiFi/BT card that comes with the motherboard, but I'm confused about with what kind of card exactly. What connector will I need to be using? There are cards with miniPCI, M.2, some solutions require adapters, ...

Is there a card I can simply swap in?

Thank you

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According to Asus specs, the motherboard comes with an Intel M.2 Wireless-AC 9560 which is an M.2 card, probably of 2230 format (also exists in 1216 form). There are only very few M.2 cards that are compatible with macOS: DW1560 (2230, 2 x antennas) and DW1830 (3030, 3 x antennas) are verified compatible models and the ones to go for. There are other models such as DW1820A (2230, 2 x antennas) which can either work or not work at all (results are inconsistent) or DW1707 (Atheros AR9565 card which may also work or not work, most likely not).


Now, your mobo also has 2 x other M.2 slots (both PCIe compatible) so there are alternatives such as:

  • compatible mini-PCIe card fitted to an M.2 adapter board
  • compatible mini-PCIe card fitted to a PCie adapter board (this would take the single PCIe x16 slot of the mobo)
  • Apple Card (eg: BCM9430CD, BCM94331, etc.) fitted to an M.2 adapter board
  • Apple Card (eg: BCM9430CD, BCM94331, etc.) fitted to a PCIe adapter board (this would take the single PCIe x16 slot of the mobo)


And of course, USB dongles...

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Thank you Hervé! You explained everything very clearly.


I need my MB's PCIe for GPU and I would also like to use both available M2 slots for storage (one for MacOS and one for Win), so I will go with trying to replace Intel M.2 Wireless-AC 9560 with DW1560 or DW1830.


I the meantime I will use Asus BT400 dongle (I can get this one easily in my country) for bluetooth (I don't need wifi). Are there any reliability or performance differences when using usb dongle?

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If it's just a temporary thing, make sure this dongle is fully compatible before buying.


Then, since Bluetooth is what you're after with an M.2 card, read up some of the recent topics relating to Bluetooth under Catalina (assuming this is what you'll go for) because it can be very troublesome... But I think things are (mostly) Ok with DW1560.

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