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i'm not very happy with the more recent osx versions so i use the older ones for a little longer. for example right now i'm writing this with 10.6.8 on a haswell. i also have a bunch of stuff that doesn't go higher than 10.6 or 10.8.


so far to do this i made some edits to the kernel's cpuid.c and tsc.c and basically hardcoded them to the latest supported cpu model. with the switch to xhci however that doesn't seem to be enough anymore. i got myself an i7 8700 and was able to boot 10.6.8 with a little trick but no usb.
from what i've read so far there's no way to make older osx versions accept that (do tell me if i'm wrong!) so i thought about workarounds. how about a usb 2.0 pci card? would that work?

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well it does work to some extend. i got myself an EX-11066 usb 2.0 pcie card and mouse and keyboard worked. however there were some obstacles.
for a start the behavior with 10.6.8 was very shaky like the data flow from the mouse was cluttered; hardly usable. another problem was that only 2 of the 5 usb ports were working.
with 10.8.5 the mouse behaved but the 2 port limitation was still there. i also spent quite some time making it recognize all cpu threads but with no success. tried different smbioses, different voodootsc versions but nothing helped. booting with -v did show all 12 correctly tho.

so this was a somewhat fun experiment but a fail after all. 10.6.8 not usable and only 2 usb ports with cut off cpu threads ... unfortunately not good enough.

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Old OS are not stable , and it's nearly impossible to do it for now. it's hard for finding kexts and it's even hard for downloading applications like there is no more compatible applications with it you can do nothing with it just for furniture or bringing some nostalgia

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not at all. stability was not an issue and getting older kexts is not a problem either.
as for apps, that's actually the main reason to use it because newer is by far not always better. even more so if you have custom stuff that won't work with other os versions.
in addition if i compare 10.8 with e.g. 10.12 or later, the newer ones are full of {censored} i don't want and sometimes can't disable either without breaking other things.

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