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  1. Hi, i have installed a clean Mojave 10.14.6 on my laptop X456URK Laptop Asus VivoBook My WiFi Card : A956X My Ethernet is working fine, but wifi card is not I Move a lot so i need my wifi card and not putting ethernet on every place
  2. harethl1s

    coffee lake usb

    Old OS are not stable , and it's nearly impossible to do it for now. it's hard for finding kexts and it's even hard for downloading applications like there is no more compatible applications with it you can do nothing with it just for furniture or bringing some nostalgia
  3. I am new member, so please warn me if i did something wrong i don't want get banned In Tonymacx86 i got banned because i requested a patch for my battery, nothing wrong i did only was getting banned. i opened new account and mentioned a vmware after that i got banned because of it, now when i open an account it got banned Switching here. no more headache, Better support. Also stay-tuned for my new guides and fixes! A New member here