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    Nvidia Quadro 4000 bad performance

    it turned out this "turbo mode" is caused by Cpu0Ist. with that disabled the card is in eco mode and without doing anything, i.e. Cpu0Ist is on, turbo mode kicks in. so i'm obviously missing something in regards to AGPM and/or CPM. as before, any insight would be welcome!
  2. v7kF4U2HTd

    Nvidia Quadro 4000 bad performance

    i just ran into the same problem but i have two different scenarios. the first one is booting with clover. in this case the card runs in some sort of economy mode with poor performance compared to what it could offer (about 15%). the second one is when i boot with chameleon. in that case the card seems to run at full speed constantly and the performance is at max. the problem however is that this way it gets crazy hot very quickly and the fan doesn't go up at all. so for some reason the card seems to be stuck at one specific performance level and the fan doesn't react at all. would be great if anyone had some insight. maybe other cards show a similar behavior. i'm using the current webdrivers for 10.8.5 and 10.12.6. not using the webdrivers made no difference in regards to what i described above.
  3. v7kF4U2HTd

    nvidia web driver woes

    recently i aquired a quadro 4000 (pc version). i picked that one because afaik it's the best one for 10.6.8 which i still wanna use. i have 4 osx installations in total: 10.6.8, 10.8.5, 10.9.5 and 10.12.6. for the first two i use chameleon, for 10.9 chameleon and clover and for 10.12 only clover. so here's what i did for each osx: first i installed the latest supported web and cuda driver and added nvda_drv=1 to both bootloaders. for chameleon i disabled GraphicsEnabler and for clover i added "inject nvidia". i also added the WhateverGreen and Lilu kexts to all except 10.6. smbios is mac pro 5,1 for chameleon and imac 14 for clover. 10.12 worked as expected, the others however not at all. 10.6 and 10.8 cut the signal the moment the web driver loaded i.e. monitor goes into standby and doesn't come back. 10.9 seemed to ignore the driver completely and always started with the apple default. that happened with chameleon as well as clover. right now, to get something at all, i have 10.6 working with natit and for 10.8 adding GraphicsEnabler again was enough. 10.8 does then recognize the card correctly but no luck with the web drivers as described. with 10.9 i didn't get anything but the apple default 1024x768 without anything supported at all i.e. not usable. i did of course try to recreate the kextcache and tried to boot with -f but no change. i also searched the forum here and around the net but didn't get anything useful. for most people it seems to just work. needless to say that any help would be most welcome. after all using the web drivers and cuda was the reason why i got the quadro in the first place.
  4. v7kF4U2HTd

    leopard haswell kernel

    after some more checking and research i found another possibility why it doesn't work. might be totally wrong but anyway, it's about the chipset. core2 and nehalem which are supported by 10.5 both share the same family (IHA). haswell however doesn't, it uses the newer PCH. now sandybridge uses PCH as well and since that's supported by 10.6 this might be the reason why the haswell works there but not with 10.5 so the cpu id alone wouldn't be enough of course in this case. and that would also explain why i get an "Unable to find driver for this platform" from the 10.5 iokit despite a matching cpu id. in that case my little project here would be over because backporting PCH from 10.6 to the 10.5 kernel would be way out of line ...
  5. v7kF4U2HTd

    leopard haswell kernel

    unfortunately it's not that simple. the programs in question do have "real" problems with everything above 10.5.8, not just the version number
  6. v7kF4U2HTd

    leopard haswell kernel

    yeah that's the thing, 10.5 supported nehalem and if i hardcode the 10.6 kernel to nehalem it works. haswell wasn't supported by 10.6 either but it works anyway if you force the cpu family in cpuid.c to nehalem or above. going by that i'd assume that since 10.5 supported nehalem as well it should do the trick.hence i wanna do the same with the 10.5 kernel but cpuid.c is different from the 10.6 version so i need to find the right place for enforcing the cpu family.
  7. v7kF4U2HTd

    leopard haswell kernel

    i tried a lot more with clover and it seems it's willing to apply the fake cpu id but it doesn't seem to find the kernel. something like "kernel not found at 0x20000". maybe clover needs a special option for 32bit or is 10.5 not supported at all?
  8. v7kF4U2HTd

    leopard haswell kernel

    not yet, i've actually not used clover at all. does it even support 10.5? EDIT: i tried clover and it was actually worse than with chameleon but i might have to dig deeper into the config. however, i'd prefer modifying the actual kernel instead of spending hours going through the clover config for the off chance that it might have a better effect than changing the cpu id in the kernel's source that i did already
  9. v7kF4U2HTd

    leopard haswell kernel

    yes indeed, i'm trying to run 10.5.8 on a haswell because i have certain software that needs 10.5. for that to work i grabbed the haswell patch for 10.6 and applied as much as possible to the 10.5.8 sources. now the 10.6 patch hardcodes uint32_t cpufamily = CPUFAMILY_INTEL_SANDYBRIDGE;into cpuid_set_cpufamily() which doesn't exist in 10.5's cpuid.c. so instead i edited machine.h and used the haswell id (0x10b282dc) for the definition of CPUFAMILY_INTEL_NEHALEM hoping to make it think it's a nehalem. yup, you guessed it, it didn't work. the kernel stops with an "Unable to find driver for this platform" panic from IOPlatformExpert.cpp so i guess i wasn't able to trick it successfully. any help is most welcome btw, the Enoch chameleon seems to have something in that regard that sounds promising but unfortunately the installer fails
  10. something quite strange happened to me yesterday. as i do every once in a while i ran disk utility's repair disk function on the partition where i have 10.6.8, my main system. i had no problems or anything but i like to run it every once in a while. disk utility showed an index error and wasn't able to fix it after 3 tries so i decided to format the partition and to just restore the last image i made. then the strange stuff began ... booting the now clean system was no fun because right after leaving chameleon i got a nice, shiny kernel panic: launchd crashed with errno 8 inside kern_exec and the rest of the output said it happened during init. not so thrilled about it i tried to boot my old partition with 10.5.8 which worked just fine. back there i figured i could restore an older backup of the same 10.6.8 installation i had which i did. funny enough it crashed with exactly the same error. then i restored a backup of 10.8 just as a test and guess what? yep, exactly the same problem. i further tried another disk with a different sata cable, at a different sata port and a different power cable just to make sure it's not a simple hardware issue but no dice either - exactly the same error again. now i was a bit buffled because everything had the same problem except 10.5.8 which still was running perfectly fine. and as mentioned already i had no problems with 10.6.8 in any way before. only after restoring the image suddenly neither 10.6 nor 10.7 nor 10.8 wouldn't boot anymore and all crashed with exactly the same error and those backups i created from systems which were running just fine. i did that many times in the past and it always was fine except for now. if anyone has an idea or any further info about this matter i'd be very grateful :-)
  11. v7kF4U2HTd

    DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    just got a nice ex58-ud4p and a xeon w3520. all fine except the hyper threading. i used the dsdt auto patcher for hdef gigabyte boards. then after i noticed the HT wasn't working is decompiled the dsdt and noticed: </div><div class="codemain">Scope (_PR) { Processor (CPU0, 0x00, 0x00000410, 0x06) {} Processor (CPU1, 0x01, 0x00000410, 0x06) {} Processor (CPU2, 0x02, 0x00000410, 0x06) {} Processor (CPU3, 0x03, 0x00000410, 0x06) {} } should be 8 shouldn't it? then i just extended the list up to CPU7 but that didn't work at all and i only got 1 cpu :-P any help is welcome because i couldn't fine much about HT and/or xeon so far :-) EDIT: so in the meantime i got the cpu part right but it only works on leopard and lion. on snow leopard i only have 4 cpus hence no hyper threading no matter what i do. tried 2 different cpu blocks in the dsdt file and without dsdt at all. funny enough, lion works out of the box without any dsdt but i don't like the new look so the ideal solution for me would be to get hyper threading enabled for 10.6.8
  12. v7kF4U2HTd

    Lion GM Performance TEST Results

    what would be interesting would be results of 10.6 and 10.7 from the same machine.
  13. v7kF4U2HTd

    Ran Multibeast for ALC889, now system won't boot

    well boot with -v and have a look
  14. v7kF4U2HTd

    Can't activate FileVault

    damn that was the only thing that made me really consider the upgrade
  15. v7kF4U2HTd

    8800GT no go

    also had no luck with my 8800gts. no matter which method i tried