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Asus Rog G75VX Hackitosh


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I have an Asus Rog G75VX notebook
Core I7 3630 QM
Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 MX Graphics Card
8 GB memory
1 SSD 120 GB
1 HD 500 GB
I did a lot of research on how to hackitosh this notebook model.
I almost had no results
From what I understand How he has no intel Graphics Cannot be hacked
More informed me that Mavericks would be compatible
Can someone help me
I'm over 1 year trying to hackitosh but I can't
Can someone give me a help please

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Monique would have to run this Asus as a Hack to be able to run this app, Allan.


Intel l i7-3630QM is Ivy Bridge CPU with HD4000 iGPU but, indeed, it appears that Asus chose to disable the iGPU on this gaming laptop and therefore, Optimus dual-GPU technology does not apply; the nVidia dGPU prevails!


This being said, Ivy Bridge CPUs are fully compatible with all recent (Sierra/High Sierra), current (Mojave) and forthcoming (Catalina) macOS versions. There's no need to look towards old (and somehow obsolete) Mavericks which dates back to 2013. On paper, Geforce GTX 670 MX, being Kepler architecture, can also be expected to be supported under Mojave and/or Catalina (Metal-Compatibility). Failing that, previous High Sierra version should be Ok; at worst, you'd need the nVidia Web Driver.


You should therefore be able to proceed with macOs installation as per any compatible Ivy Bridge laptop. But before you do so, identify your hardware accessories (audio, LAN, Wireless, Bluetooth, SD card reader, etc.) in order to assess their compatibility with macOS.


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