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My MacPro 2009 5,1 is refusing to restart after a Mojave update.

No chime, all fans running, PSU seems to be OK, screen stays black.

I have tried PRAM and SMC reset without succes.

Putting in a M2 SSD on a PCI-card and a HD with High Sierra does not help.

Trying 2 other GPU's does not help.

It is like the machine is sleeping and refusing to wake-up.

Any thoughts?


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You can try these two below suggestions- 


Boot your Mac in Safe Mode
1- Press the Shift key and power button to start your computer. 
2-Release the Shift key till you see the Apple logo and loading bar. 
3-If your Mac loads successfully in Safe Mode
4-Restarting without pressing any keys.


Run Disk Utility in Recovery Mode

1- select Disk Utility and click Continue from the macOS utility menu
2- Select the disk that you installed macOS Mojave, usually Macintosh HD.
3- Click First Aid on the top menu bar.
4- Click Done and restart your Mac.

I believe this will help you out, but still, the same issue occurs then you should erase and reinstall macOS Mojave in your system.

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