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Paul Van der Jonckheyd

MacPro refusing to restart

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My MacPro 2009 5,1 is refusing to restart after a Mojave update.

No chime, all fans running, PSU seems to be OK, screen stays black.

I have tried PRAM and SMC reset without succes.

Putting in a M2 SSD on a PCI-card and a HD with High Sierra does not help.

Trying 2 other GPU's does not help.

It is like the machine is sleeping and refusing to wake-up.

Any thoughts?


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I also have the same problem on my MacPro 2010. Did lots of things according to the service manual except

vga card because it's hard to find vga card with Mac bios on it.

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You can try these two below suggestions- 


Boot your Mac in Safe Mode
1- Press the Shift key and power button to start your computer. 
2-Release the Shift key till you see the Apple logo and loading bar. 
3-If your Mac loads successfully in Safe Mode
4-Restarting without pressing any keys.


Run Disk Utility in Recovery Mode

1- select Disk Utility and click Continue from the macOS utility menu
2- Select the disk that you installed macOS Mojave, usually Macintosh HD.
3- Click First Aid on the top menu bar.
4- Click Done and restart your Mac.

I believe this will help you out, but still, the same issue occurs then you should erase and reinstall macOS Mojave in your system.

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