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  1. I didn't update to Catalina but updated my 10.14.6 Mojave to another update by Apple. After that my HP 800 G1 didn't go to sleep. If I forced it to sleep, it can wake up but my mouse and doesn't work. Need to force restart it.
  2. I'll just live with 2 x USB3 ports and others with USB2.0 speed. But the USB 3 port recently killed my USB3 thumbdrive after I copied a big file. Currently I've upgraded it to MacOS Catalina 15.1 and installed the latest lilu+whatevergreen kext and my screen artifact disappeared. Anybody know if somebody have dsdt for this motherboard? I wish to make my USB3 ports usable. I tried to use the USBmap.kext method but it only can detect 2 USB3 ports. So I still cannot increase my USB3 port quantity.
  3. I'm using i5-4590. I already tested it and in fact writing on it. Only 2 usb3 ports are working. 1 in front and 1 at the back. Is that correct?
  4. Can I use it with HP Prodesk 600 G1? I see that the bios version is same. Not sure what are the differences with the hardware though.
  5. brokenbracelet

    MacPro refusing to restart

    I sent my Mac Pro to the computer shop and they said the northbridge chip has failed. I did not proceed with the repair because I want to source the cpu tray myself.
  6. brokenbracelet

    MacPro refusing to restart

    I also have the same problem on my MacPro 2010. Did lots of things according to the service manual except vga card because it's hard to find vga card with Mac bios on it.
  7. I see you only changed the SMbios. All of my USB ports are not working still. And now my Clover corrupted after I replaced it back with my original EFI. Cannot even get to the Clover booting. I will try to figure out on my own first.
  8. I replaced the EFI folder and now all my USB ports cannot working. I cannot even log in. I remember I've installed USBinjectall, lilu and whatevergreen kext using devtool before. I'm not sure that the cause.
  9. Finally I managed to get the full dump. Send me zs-imac.zip
  10. I've decided to get myself a video card and set iGPU to headless mode. It fixes my problem 1) and 2). I also can wake up from sleep normally. But I still have problem with my USB ports not running in full speed. I've tried to execute RunMe but it never prompt me for the permission. Actually before you asked me to download RunMe I've already tried it before and that time it prompt me to change the permission but I lock it back. That time I didn't save the dump. Do you have any suggestions? Attached is the log. RunMe log.pdf
  11. Hi all. I've managed to install High Sierra on my system and upgraded to Mojave. But I still need to tune up few things to make Hackintosh usable. Below is the spec: Mobo: Asrock Z390M Pro4 CPU: Intel i7-8700 RAM: Hyper X 8GB 2666MHz x 2 iGPU: Intel UHD630 dGPU: MSI Nvidia GT 740 & Saphire AMD RX580. Both GPU working OOB. Sound: Realtek ALC892 SSD: 2.5" Kingston 240GB SATA Monitor: Viewsonic VX2476 Full HD Need help on these: 1) iGPU only show 7MB of VRAM. I've changed the setting in bios to 128MB but still it remains at 7MB. I can watch Youtube without problems but I noticed it does not use VP9 codec, so the video quality is not so good even at Full HD. I tried to use numerous methods I found online but still it does not work. Decided to get my self 2 graphic cards to test and use iGPU in headless mode. 2) No sound through HDMI. I've managed to get the sound working after following a guide from https://hackintosher.com/guides/get-hackintosh-audio-working/ but there's no sound from my monitor's speaker and there's no option to choose HDMI Audio. Sound through HDMI is working after I installed graphic card. 3) Some USB ports are not working Some USB rear ports are not working. And also my wireless mouse pointer is degraded to almost unsusable when I put USB thumbdrive to certain ports. My USB ports now is in better condition but only 2 ports can get 5gbps speed. All others are max at 480Mbps and not working with USB3 devices. I hope there's somebody that can help me or point to the right direction. So far I tried to follow some guides from this forums or other websites but I just wish it works the 1st time I follow through the guide. I also googled and not many people have the same build as me. Other than USB issue, so far my system behaves normally. Anybody know how to test the CPU?
  12. brokenbracelet

    HP Elite 8000...advice?

    The link is not working anymore. Too bad it's not even one month old....
  13. brokenbracelet

    HP Elite 8000...advice?

    Thanks for the plist. Anyway I hape HP elite 8000 with C2D E8400 and Nvidia gt 610 GPU. What should I edit int config.plist to make my Hackintosh to boot?