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Problem on install 10.4.8

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I am new in this, so please help if I am wrong.

I have been download JaS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.iso, and my vmware is 5.0.0

Here is my winnt.vmx


config.version = "8"

virtualHW.version = "4"

scsi0.present = "TRUE"

memsize = "1024"

scsi0:0.present = "TRUE"

scsi0:0.fileName = "Windows NT.vmdk"

ide1:0.present = "TRUE"

ide1:0.fileName = "D:\software\10.4.8\JaS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.iso"

ide1:0.deviceType = "cdrom-image"

floppy0.fileName = "A:"

ethernet0.present = "TRUE"

sound.present = "TRUE"

sound.virtualDev = "es1371"

displayName = "Windows NT"

guestOS = "winnt"

nvram = "winnt.nvram"


floppy0.present = "FALSE"


scsi0:0.redo = ""

ethernet0.addressType = "generated"

uuid.location = "56 4d 27 0a 15 d1 99 c9-1e 7a 75 1d 94 f9 09 69"

uuid.bios = "56 4d 27 0a 15 d1 99 c9-1e 7a 75 1d 94 f9 09 69"

ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:f9:09:69"

ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset = "0"


when I press F8, then the screen to load something ( show in the attachment), then it will reboot. If I press any key to conintous, then the result are the same. If I do not press any key, then it will say "/com.apple.Boot.plist not found". I have search this forum and cannot find any solution, please help, thank you so much.


my pc config:


C2D 6600

gigabyte P965-DS3



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yeah it has to do with the kernel in the jas reseed release which doesnt support vmware

newer versions of semtex's kernel supports it now


i found the good old 10.4.3 with maxxus sse2 patches nice and quick in vmware....too bad rosetta was slow {censored} to use

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You can also try the Jas 10.4.8 with AMD and Intel patches. Just make sure on install you just use the AMD patches for some resean the Intel ones don't work even if your on an Intel platform. Here is a screen shot post-76552-1169590896_thumb.jpg hope this helps

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