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  1. R.I.P Prawker

    sad stuff RIP mate
  2. [Random] 9999 Replies

    9998 what do we do when we are done
  3. Game Launcher

    thanks for your replies, it will be added on the to do list the vista games folder acts weird for me, some games aren't added and dont get the artwork for others, i dont like steam that much and this was a little fun project that i made for myslef
  4. Game Launcher

    I have written a program that allows you to have a list of games and to launch a game from that list, reducing icon clutter on the desktop and is also helpful if you have multiple games in various locations such as multiple drives etc. Some things that it features: - displays box art for a game when selected - drag and drop support of adding games and box art - support for launching games that have command line arguments - support for games that require steam (its not a steam replacement it still uses steam) Documentation on installation and use of the program is included in the .zip file (readme.txt) The latest version is Release 4 and is available here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ckage_id=240334 The source code is available on SVN Tell us what you think of it, any suggestions, improvements.... All feedback is welcome Here is a screenshot:
  5. Apple Developer one of us?

    lol @ the 3rd guy on that thread hahahaha, i built my pc from scratch and i haven't had a crash with it even on vista
  6. 965P-DS4 Network

    check your email, i have sent the kext...
  7. 965P-DS4 Network

    i have a 965p-dq6 i think they have the same Ethernet controller.... PM me your email and ill send you the fixed IONetworking.Kext that works for me and give that a try
  8. yeah tell us how that goes sabr, im thinking of doing the upgrade on my DQ6
  9. Hackintosh logo i've made

    nice, i like it
  10. any1 seen this be4?

    yer i have had that happen to me in a vm once....dont know what caused it or what fixed it...pretty annoying when you dont know whats wrong with it
  11. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    A: ummm 7/10 A n/a
  12. Help me...

    wtf are you smoking darwin?? this thread is like a year old and about some guy with second thoughts about ordering a dell
  13. Will it ever work

    having a AMD in your comp makes things difficult look around there is lots of stuff on running osx on amds...i can really help i only have an intel...sorry