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Is there a way to make Power Nap working?

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Does anyone have Power Nap feature working, I build almost perfect hack but power nap cannot work. Sleep and wake, CPU Power Management work. Try Darkwake 1, 8, 10.  System sleep and after 1 hour fully wakes and fans on :( in log show AppleACPIPlatformPower Wake reason: RTC (Alarm)

OS is Mojave, Smbios Mac mini late 2012 boot clover 5045

I don't use it but, after testing, power nap appears to work properly on all my hacks... As suggested by Allan, check your DSDT or ACPI patches, especially the RTC fix and HPET fix.

I have dark wake set to 8 on a couple of my laptops so that the screen doesn't require a 2nd mouse click or keyboard press to wake. Can't say of the computer fully works with fans on.


I know power nap works because I've tested it with Mail app left opened when I put the computer to sleep. When I wake it long afterwards, new emails have already arrived. I verified this by sending an email before going to bed one night, having put the laptop to sleep. Before waking the computer the next day, I sent another email. When I opened the lid and woke the laptop, the email of the previous evening was already in my inbox, whereas the 2nd mail arrived a couple of seconds later.

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