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Is there a way to make Power Nap working?

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Does anyone have Power Nap feature working, I build almost perfect hack but power nap cannot work. Sleep and wake, CPU Power Management work. Try Darkwake 1, 8, 10.  System sleep and after 1 hour fully wakes and fans on :( in log show AppleACPIPlatformPower Wake reason: RTC (Alarm)

OS is Mojave, Smbios Mac mini late 2012 boot clover 5045

I have dark wake set to 8 on a couple of my laptops so that the screen doesn't require a 2nd mouse click or keyboard press to wake. Can't say of the computer fully works with fans on.


I know power nap works because I've tested it with Mail app left opened when I put the computer to sleep. When I wake it long afterwards, new emails have already arrived. I verified this by sending an email before going to bed one night, having put the laptop to sleep. Before waking the computer the next day, I sent another email. When I opened the lid and woke the laptop, the email of the previous evening was already in my inbox, whereas the 2nd mail arrived a couple of seconds later.

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