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Can I install 10.4.8 to another partition


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Hi all,


I wanted to know if it's possible to install 10.4.8 Jas reseed install dvd to another partition on a second SATA HD? I have 10.4.6 that I updated to 10.4.7 via a Jas release and then updated again to 10.4.8 via a Jas release. I wanted to test out the rwal legit 10.4.8, but don't want to screw up my current setup. When I go into disk utils and read the partition scheme it says for working one that it's "master boot record". This is on 1 250gb SATA HD and on my other 200gb SATA HD it says it's "GUID Partition Table". If install 10.4.8 on my second drive shuold also say "master boot record"? Do I need to format that partition in FAT32 and then when I boot dvd format again to HFS+ and then install OSX 10.4.8? I did install 10.4.8 on that partition and then install went fine, except when it came time to reboot. When the puter went to reboot I need that 200gb Hd to boot and when it did all I got was a black screen and a flashing underscore line. I thought maybe partition wasn't active. So booted up spfdisk and made it active. After I saved it all it booted to the same thing. I'm not sure what the issue is any help would be great.


I'm running:


Asus P5LD2-VM-DH mobo


Pentium D 930


1gb DDR2 ram


1 250gb SATA HD


1 200gb SATA HD


Liteon 812S DVD Burner


GMA 950 graphics onboard.





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I'd try something like this.


? is if it lets you choose the second drive as installation media when installing.


Boot from 10.4.3. to 10.4.7 create a primary with disk-util and format it Mac-journaled.



reboot Install 10.4.8 from DVD.


Then try a rd=disk1s1 mach_kernel , or whatever your new installation media is ,at the boot prompt


If it works then you can add your timeout=5 to the boot.plist of your first drive.



Another option is if your bios lets you choose media with a F11 or something

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