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HD630 no WakeUp, any solution?

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Hi all! I have a Asus h110s1 with a i5-7400 working.

Only no wake up from sleep, screen black and reboot.

Is posible fix this problem? No is the model UHD.

Thank U.-

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I know this is an old thread, but was Kabylake / HD630 wake ever solved? I've found that I must set framebuffer-conX-flags to 'AlwaysConnected' (e.g. 0x018F) to prevent kernel panic when disconnecting / connecting displays, but that didn't fix the wake problem.


If the HD630 wake problem has not been solved, has anyone confirmed that the wake problem is defintely display related?  I recall someone reporting that they were able to wake their Kabylake system with displays disconnected (and then reconnecting to the system via remote desktop), but I have not been able to reproduce this successful "wake without displays" behavior.

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