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  1. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    No. I thought it was embedded in the code, like embedded. Where is a downloader possible? Thk.- PD: Embbeded I should be able to do the same, double the size in 4k resolutions.
  2. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    Don't understand, sorry. How is the way to activate it?
  3. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    No work for me, all same. What is SVG, Vector?
  4. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    How can try Clovy?
  5. WeBeRiO

    Vector Themes

    Can use icon without name down, only icon. Windows 7 - Win10 (Black) - Win10 (Blue) - Win Colored - More logos ...
  6. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    Please for when theme embbeded in doble resolution for 4k ? In my Monitor is very small, icon and text diminute, thk.-
  7. WeBeRiO

    IOS 12 Download

  8. WeBeRiO

    Theme Bugs

    Hi all, is possible up star-icon ?
  9. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    Waiting mode @2x for embedded theme, thnk.-
  10. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    Don't understand #afaik and @9xx KB Excuse me, I'm spanish I put embedded@9xx ?
  11. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    Pues debería, es un tema más. Well, it should be. It's one more.
  12. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    No work if put embedded@2x
  13. WeBeRiO

    Clover problems report & features request

    Thank you! Finaly I can see my icons correctly and no with lines black&yellow using a nvme drive. Regards.-
  14. WeBeRiO

    Clover problems report & features request

    The same thing happens to me with the icons and the nvme unit. Waiting for a possible solution with the help of @slice thk.-
  15. WeBeRiO

    Clover Themes

    Need help. My icon show bad. Back with later embedded the same. My disk is nvme.