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hi all, I need a suggestion.
I have an azurwave BCM94352GMB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth card, I tried to show it to my hackintosh with fakepciid and the other kext that serve for its operation but without success .. and if I see the card (even just Bluetooth or Wi -Fi) crashes the hackintosh not allowing you to do anything ... is there anything I can do is that I most probably haven't thought of?

Thank you for all


3 hours ago, Slice said:
I think the real problem is in AMD CPU.



This hackintosh is based in lenovo thinkcentre m73 tiny this specs:

CPU i3-4130T
12 gb ram
Scheda video hd4400
SSD Samsung evo 860 500gb
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth azurwave BCM94352HMB





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