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Can’t log in Hackintosh

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imageproxy.php?img=&key=c17464ef1b1b51c7I just installed high Sierra 10.13.6 to my pc and it’s all good during the installation. but when I finished installing Kexts and tryna restart the Hacktinosh, it stuck at the log in page and while I left click or using arrow keys on that page the arrow disappears then  it refreshes and goes back to the login page. This problem has been annoyed me a lot. I wonder if someone could plz gimme some helpful advices so thanks  in advance! 

Motherboard :Gigabyte z370

cpu: intel i5 8600k coffee lake

gpu: nvidia GeForce 1060

keyboard : Logitech 

mouse :Microsoft 

if there’s any specs left untold, plz leave a message then I’ll add it on.


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Adding pc specs

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have seen something similar once,

when i installed without earasing/formatting drive first

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