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Apparently, the public beta is a unibin.


The minimum system requirements for Nanosaur 2 are:

• MacOS 10.2.8

• iMac G4/700mhz*

• 512 MB RAM**

• Radeon or GeForce 2 video acceleration with at least 32MB of VRAM***


*** IMPORTANT: The game will NOT run on older G3 iMac's with Rage 128 accelerators. Only the flat-panel G4 iMac's come with the required video acceleration, so do not buy Nanosaur 2 if you have a G3 iMac since the game is not playable on it.

** The game can run in as little as 320MB of RAM, but the load times will be longer and the game may run a little choppy at times, so 512MB is highly recommended.

* If you have an upgraded video card which is fast (such as a Radeon 8500 or better) then the game will run on a PowerMac G4 as slow as 400mhz. The faster your video card, the slower the CPU can be since it makes up the difference.


I wouldn't bet on it running unaccelerated. Is anyone with OpenGL willing to try it out?

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