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Apple Computers VS Hackintosh (Issues + Performance)

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So I have had a series of big issues with my MacBook Pro ever since I got the thinner version back in 2016. I have a big hunch its just apple has defective hardware, but apple isn't going to just admit that. so I was trying to find someone who using macOS High Sierra or Mojave on a Hackintosh (Laptop), that could confirm if any of my issues have happened to them to see if it is really apples hardware or just the macOS. so I want to see do hackintosh laptops behave this way????? 

Here is the fun Stuff:

1. When watching movies on my MBP via either an iTunes rental in iTunes or a MP4 file in Quicktime; I would get one of the following:
        - The top and bottom black letterbars of the movie flicker, and can be manually recreated by pressing spacebar to play/pause movie repeatedly
        - Graphic defects will be present through the movie, and sometimes even created by pressing space bar on and off
        - The entire screen of the movie will either start flickering or just go black with audio only.

2. When playing games either downloaded from the App Store or through Steam Client, games will persistently have performance hangs and graphical defects. (its not network related (ping ISP), or low sys resources, everything is fine there)

3. Apps constantly crash on a regular basis (apple apps and 3rd party), even after fresh wipe and reinstall of macOS. . . do hackintosh laptops behave this way????? 

4. Thermal Throttling and Overheating - well this is obviously the MacBook Pro, but so the sake of it, the chassis will get so hot it burns your finger, wonder if other laptops are doing this. mine gets to 130° around the letter keys and above. do hackintosh laptops behave this way????? 

also any app using dedicated graphics will most defiantly cause MBP to hit 212°, do hackintosh laptops behave this way????? 

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Hi @Lovefire, welcome to InsanelyMac.


I use High Sierra on my Lenovo G480, it's pretty good, and stable for my doings.


We can't garantee for you that you'll never got issues at Hackintoshes, sometimes, in Hackintosh you got more problems than a real Mac.


Thermal Throttling and Overheating - In Hackintosh all depends of the Laptop model that you'll choose, more thinner, more heat, and with more space inside may will be more heavy. And to have a "perfect" Hackintosh you'll need follow all the specific details contained in some guides, to avoid this issues, is necessary have a good power management.


Please do a research in our Laptop section:


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