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Cannot boot from DVD


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I have a bootable Mac OSX Tiger DVD installation disk. A friend of mine has lost his password and asked me to do a clean install. I tried all the usual methods of booting the DVD installation disk, like pressing the "C" key or pressing the "Option" key while the system is booting, but nothing seems to work. After pressing/holding down the "C" key, the iMac just goes on booting from harddisk. Pressing the "Option" will only present me with one option: the mac harddisk.

The version on the DVD is 10.4.7, while the currently installed version is 10.4.8. Could this be a problem ?


Does anyone have any suggetions for me ?


Thanks in advance,


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same problem with me.


i think it is because we installed mac os x on a pc.


im using asus p5n-e sli motherboard with 1 gb ram and 80 gb hdd.


and i am able to boot from install disk by pressing f8 key.

but i can't boot from other bootable disks like tech tools 4 etc.


so if there is any solution on this please help.

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