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[SOLVED!] Dell L502X Audio Problems.


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Hello all! Glad to be here! :)


I've hacked my Dell XPS L502X with an install of OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (vanilla install). All is good and all, except that there is no WiFi (planning on buying wifi dongle) and that there is no audio.

The lack of internet irks me, but I can fix that at a later date. What I can't deal with is the lack of audio. I've tried everything, but there is no luck. AppleALC, Voodoo/AppleHDA, among others.

Oh, if I have to, I can reinstall OS X, since nothing important is on the partition.


All replies and answers are welcome!

Thanks in Advance!


Installus (Chaotic) 


EDIT: Thanks to Hervé, I've been able to get my audio working, and so can you! 


All you need is... 


A hackintosh that has the Realtek ALC665 codec (you can't change codecs!) 


AppleALC.kext (latest version) 


VoodooHDA.kext (again, latest version) 



A USB flash drive (if you have no WiFi on hackintosh) 

A secondary computer/way to put files onto the drive (again, no WiFi on hackintosh) 



1. Store the files you need on your hackintosh


1a. Download them straight thru your hackintosh


1b. Use a secondary device to download them and store on a flash drive. 


2. Open terminal on your computer and type "diskutil mount EFI" in said terminal. Of course, remove the quotation marks. 


3. On your EFI partition, navigate to EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other


4. Drag n' Drop the kexts you have downloaded on your computer to that folder. 


5. Cross your fingers and reboot


5a. (Optional) Suffer a kernel panic during boot because VoodooPS2 doesn't like you. 


6. If all goes well, you'll have audio! 


Guaranteed works for Dell L502X, however YMMV. 

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Change title to solved, and give a rudimentary guide for those who have the same laptop as I do.
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30 minutes ago, Hervé said:

According to the AppleALC wiki, ALC665 is supported since Mavericks 10.9 using layout 12 or 13. VoodooHDA should have worked, provided you also install AppleHDADisabler.


This being said, Mavericks is getting quite long in the tooth in 2019. Why don't you switch to High Sierra instead? You'll get a modern macOS version and benefit from up-to-date ad-on kexts. HD3000 is fully supported under High Sierra. However, if you run on the Nvidia GeForce GT 525M, the last version you can run is El Capitan as you're highly unlikely to get that Fermi dGPU support in Sierra/High Sierra (no supporting Mojave for sure).


I would, but mavericks runs fast. Plus, I adore the old Aqua interface. I don't mind the flat UI, but I prefer the old design. Perhaps I may switch to 10.13


I'll try AppleALC + VoodooHDA + HDADisabler tomorrow (EST), as I'm limited in time.


Thank you for your reply!


SUCCESS! It worked like magic! Now I don't have to buy an audio adapter! Reddit: 0, InsanelyMac but worse: 0, InsanelyMac: 1.

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To report success for audio issue.
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8 minutes ago, Hervé said:

Erm, obviously, it's AppleALC or VoodooHDA+AppleHDADisabler...

Both work, no kernel panics. 

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Wow, I just realized I kinda posted in the wrong section (I looked around and found an audio problem reporting section).


I made a post similar to this on that site, and got blasted because it wasn't in the laptop section or whatever. No answer

I make a post here, and I get an answer. :)


Audio has been treating me well so far! Just waiting on a WiFi dongle, then I'll have a mostly complete experience! Can't wait! :D

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