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  1. Hello all! It's been a while since I last posted here. I recently received a Dell Latitude E5440 as part of my high school robotics class, and I wanted to install macOS (particularly High Sierra) on it. However, I cannot, for the life of me, pinpoint the error that is causing the boot sequence to throw me a "Still waiting for root device" error. Running it again, it seems the last potential problem reads that it is waiting for boot uuid media (I believe it is the USB, yes?) However, it is USB 3.0, and no matter what port I tried it always halts booting. I am too tired to continue on at the time of writing this (1 AM EST!), so please leave any suggestions and/or files here.
  2. It worked! iCloud, App Store, and iMessage/FaceTime now sign in! Now I must install High Sierra for better software support! If only people made a mod to restore the classic Aqua look...
  3. UPDATE: I did manage to get Ethernet working, however it shows up as en1. How to reset it back to en0?
  4. Ok, the new NullEthernet kext works, however SysInfo doesn't give it a BSD name, and iCloud/Mac App Store fails to work. What to do from here? Included in this post is my current SysInfo New HackBook Pro L502X.spx
  5. Ok, the ethernet kexts do not work. System Preferences doesn't pick up on Ethernet, and SysInfo doesn't recognize it either. As for USB 3.0? Well, I haven't even bothered, since I don't use any USB 3.0 devices. At least, not yet. Any other potential fixes?
  6. Right, I'll stop that, beginning..... NOW! As for IORegistry, I travelled to that site and grabbed a proper copy. I'll DM you a Google Drive link holding my EFI folder. Installus' HackBook Pro.ioreg
  7. Here ya go, the files you requested. Fresh off the print. I'll have to share you my EFI folder using an uploading service, since max total size is 10 MB and my folder has 26 MB worth of data. HackBook Pro L502X.spx Installus’ HackBook Pro L502X.iojones
  8. Clover best, so I'm using clover. I currently cannot access my laptop, so you may have to wait til' 3 - 4 PM Eastern Time. Question: Do I have to censor anything? This post will be updated when I can get ahold of the files. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  9. My only known ethernet interface (which is actually USB tethering, since I haven't bothered to install the actual ethernet drivers (can't get ethernet where I use my Hackbook)) is en0. Rebooting the system and trying to sign into iCloud nets the same result as stated in OP. Any other fixes?
  10. Hello all! I have successfully got my Hackbook online, using USB tethering. Thanks to Herve (can't use special characters, you know who you are!), I also got my audio working. I am very much ready to begin setting up iCloud, the App Store, and iMessage/FaceTime. Those services (especially the latter two) are what got me into hackintoshing. Problem: The listed services fail to sign me in. iCloud sign in from System Preferences returns "Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud." FaceTime returns a registration process fail, the App Store reports that my computer can't be verified, and iMessage reports an activation error. However, iTunes works, except no Apple Music. HARDWARE: Intel Core i7-2630QM GeForce GT 525M (using integrated HD 3000 graphics instead) Custom Dell L502X A12 BIOS w/ UEFI support SOFTWARE: OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 AppleALC + VoodooHDA for audio VoodooPS2Controller (trackpad kext likes to cause KP during boot, sometimes) Any possible fixes for this? Thanks in Advance! Installus.
  11. Installus

    [SOLVED!] Dell L502X Audio Problems.

    Wow, I just realized I kinda posted in the wrong section (I looked around and found an audio problem reporting section). I made a post similar to this on that site, and got blasted because it wasn't in the laptop section or whatever. No answer I make a post here, and I get an answer. Audio has been treating me well so far! Just waiting on a WiFi dongle, then I'll have a mostly complete experience! Can't wait!
  12. Installus

    Introduce yourself.

    Timing, too. Thanks to @Hervé , I was able to get my audio working with no external purchases! I am considering a pair of speakers for my next computer, though. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  13. Installus

    [SOLVED!] Dell L502X Audio Problems.

    Both work, no kernel panics.
  14. Installus

    [SOLVED!] Dell L502X Audio Problems.

    I would, but mavericks runs fast. Plus, I adore the old Aqua interface. I don't mind the flat UI, but I prefer the old design. Perhaps I may switch to 10.13 I'll try AppleALC + VoodooHDA + HDADisabler tomorrow (EST), as I'm limited in time. Thank you for your reply! SUCCESS! It worked like magic! Now I don't have to buy an audio adapter! Reddit: 0, InsanelyMac but worse: 0, InsanelyMac: 1.
  15. Installus

    Introduce yourself.

    Wow, thank you for your help! I'll scrounge up whatever money I can find and buy it thru Amazon! Now, I won't be splitting hairs and/or dying over getting sound to work.