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How compatible are my components for Hackintosh?


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I am new to this forum and am not sure if I can get some assistance, I have listed my parts below. I have been able to install and boot into macOS 10.4.4 on this configuration I am not sure if more information is needed or not. I have 2 main questions, how can I make my graphics card function properly within macOS and what are the code names such as "Skylake" and such as I cannot find information about it in an easily understandable way on the internet. I have also not been able to setup a boot partition to boot from the harddrive on the rig and have only been able to boot from the USB bootloader. I have an Early 2011 MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.4.4, although technically unsupported) if it there is a requirement for macOS prior. I will also attach an image on my kexts and stuff I've put into the EFI folder on my bootable drive (I'm sure alot of it is junk but I didn't know what I needed for sure). My motherboard supports UEFI and I am not sure how to setup a UEFI bootloader. I appreciate any help I can get.


Motherboard: MSI H87M-G43

CPU: i7-4770

Graphics Card: Strix GTX 960 2GB


My kexts:


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