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Can't install windows 7 after hackintosh clover

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Hi. I'm trying to instal Windows 7 on the same hdd with hack-Mac, other partition. I parted it with disk utility and erased in ms-dos file system. I put my usb stick with win7 and windows installation runs. I formated disk, windows copy files but just after  on the last step before restart it says something like "Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation"

I tried 2 solutions I found on he web. 1) is to write in shift+10 msoobe - but it gives another error "msctMonitor.dll not found" 2) tried to run mmc - but another fail.

Then I read that it may be the problem of mbr-gpt. I typed in terminal sudo fdisk /dev/disk2s06 but it says fdisk: /dev/disk0s6: Resource busy


After I did read that you should run windows boot usb from clover. I did that an in give the error with black screen BlInnitializeLibrary 0x0000000000225

Google says this error have something to do with uefi on my usb. Though I used that usb to install my win 7 dozens of times. In bios I chosed legacy+uefi..





MOTHER: MSI b250m pro vdh

CPU: i-7700k 4.2 Ghz

Graphic Card: integrated: intel hd 630 (i turned it off in bios) | Discrete: Nvidia 1050 ti (Inno3d)

RAM: 16gb crucial ddr4-2133 (1066mhz)  (16 gb in 1 stick)

HDD: seagete 1tb




AnyBODY with this experience?? Heeeelp please!

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You might have better luck with Windows 10 since Windows 7 lacks drivers for your Kaby Lake processor/motherboard and Microsoft has sabotaged Windows 7 update for newer machines - see post#4 here.


In general, Clover plays nicely with Windows, as long as it is installed in UEFI mode on a full GPT disk (avoid hybrid mbr).  Search the site and tutorials/genius bar :)...


Basic install procedure for dual boot (if you already have macOS running with Clover on your hack) would involve


1.  Create windows 10 uefi installer/usb boot disk with RUFUS
2.  Make free space in target hard drive for windows using Disk Utility (check disk not hybrid mbr with gdisk)
3.  Boot to your windows usb installer (bios selection key for msi is F11) and choose custom windows install to the free space in the target drive
4.  Restore 1st boot priority for Clover over the Windows boot-loader eg with EasyUEFI for Windows


Good Luck!

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