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AnywhereEFI : Auto EFI file tools for Hackinstosh


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Hello evryone, this is the first time  I open a topic  in this forum. I wrote a  script as  title mentioned. Also  I really  appreciate all of you  to help me test and develop this  script or even  port it  into APP. You can down it  in this URL: https://github.com/penghubingzhou/AnywhereEFI


  • Install EFI automatically

  • Mount your EFI partition in installing

  • Update your Clover EFI version autoatically

  • And more in future…...

Enjoy it !


@hieplpvip for  mount_efi.sh

@Dids for  clover-builder

@PMheart for useful help



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3 hours ago, Slice said:

sudo diskutil mount disk0s1

Recently  I  m  busy  porting  this  script  into  cocoa  app and  have  less time  to  reply, sorry  for  delay. I have  thought  about  that. Not  all laptop  have  only  one  efi  partition, especially these  who have  two  hard  disk. We  need to determine  what  partition  is  the  clover partiton  so that  we   can  copy  new  efi  file there   in the  next  step.

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