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new installation (Asus ROG MAXIMUS X HERO) with (already existing) iCloud / Document folder on a separate drive

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Hello everybody,


I plan to install Mojave on my new (still to arrive) Asus ROG MAXIMUS X HERO  + i7 8700. I'm planning to have a 512GB m2 SSD for macOS + a 2TB hard disk for documents and files.

On my old iMac I already have an Apple ID account and my document folder is currently on iCloud.


On my new hackintosh I'd like to use (of course) my appleid but don't want it to download the iCloud/document folders on the SSD (where the installation will go) but on the hard disk.


What is the best approach to achieve that? from my linux knowledge I was thinking to symbolic links but maybe there are better / alternative ways.

(I don't want the mac to download all the GB on SSD and then move them to hard disk)


Any suggestions?





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Thank you Allan for your response.

I have a couple of updates: I changed motherboard before shipping as I realized that Asus Prime z370 was not fully supported.

Now I got a Asus ROG MAXIMUS X HERO and I'll build my mac around it.


After some investigations I also found out that iCloud Documents folder is actually located into


~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Documents


I believe that if I move home folders into the new disk from preferences / users & Groups / USERNAME / Advanced properties / home location into a new folder in the new drive I'll probably get everithing (including icloud data) moved on the new drive... is that correct?




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