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Asus hero XI Majova freezes and I have to restart

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This happen after I got the clover folder from @MaLd0n . Is it something with the kext he included? My hackintosh did some weird behavior, it froze that I tried to restart but the screens went blank and the GPU fan started to rev up like crazy. Any suggestions?

Copy of my clover folder and other information. 





Not sure if this is related to me opening facetime, final cut pro x or QuickTime.



Asus Hero XI

Asus Vega 64


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I noticed that when Mojave freezes the mouse only works. Seems everything else is frozen and I have to restart. I'm thinking its GPU related. I have my bios set to use only my Vega 64. I have dual monitors. Should I try with just one? Any suggestions.

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    • By JTSaysWhat
      My rig is working great driving a single display from Vega 64 via DisplayPort, but I'm having a devil of a time getting a TV monitor working via HDMI on the same card.
      My TV lights up an input icon when I plug it to the Vega (see attached--notice the next port w/ nothing plugged in is grayed out). So I know some electrons are flowing (maybe EDID?), but it never gets a signal. I've tried several HDMI 2.0 cables.
      I'm running a vanilla install of 10.14.6, as iMac19,1, with just Lilu (1.3.8) + Whatevergreen (1.3.1). System recognizes the Vega and seems to be correctly using the UHD630 headlessly. I just can't get HDMI out of the dGPU...
      I've tried the "-raddvi" and "agdpmod=vit9696" boot args, no dice. I've tried the kext patch workaround for disabling board verification, also no go (not surprising as I think that method is now obsolete for my setup).
      I hit the same wall running 10.14.2 as iMac18,3 with a different platform-id before updating.
      Here's my whole EFI.
      Any assistance at all is hugely appreciated!! Thanks y'all.

    • By innerd
      Hi guys, sorry for my English in the first place,
      I have a Vega 64 with an amd ryzen cpu on Mojave 10.14.5 (yeah no native power management cpu/gpu possible with my config) and I have sometimes really bad performance with my gpu. 
      Not an expert but I think that the problem lies in a bad power management and/or control of the p states. With a benchmark like LuxMark I have a score around 300k, 100% gpu utilization and max frequencies in both memory and core (Im checking with HWmonitorsSMC2) but with others like geekbench my clock core remains around 100 max 500 with a score of 35k (Unigine valley and heaven can't maximize the frequency and utilization too). It seems that somehow the gpu can't adjust the frequency or the system can't ask the right amount of power/frequency to the gpu. The only scenario where it works as expected is under really heavy tasks (like I said LuxMark or partially Multiple Cubes/ Iron Fix Boxing Kings in OpenGL Extensions Viewer). Is there anything I can try? Like a manual adjustment of threshold or p states etc.
    • By guitar201
      I’m currently getting around 30seconds on the brucex test and think I can do better.   Ive tried disabling dgpu in the bios and enabled to no availe.  Currently running 10.14.3 with corps dsdt script.  
      System is a:
      Core i5-8400 / Gigabyte Z370 SLI XP mobo
      Vega 64
      GC-Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 card
      [https://pastebin.com/W3PVZCxh](https://pastebin.com/W3PVZCxh) My Config.plist
      [https://imgur.com/a/KZ9qgop](https://imgur.com/a/KZ9qgop) Contents of my EFI folder
      Any suggestions is appreciated.  Thanks. 
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      can somebody walkthrough with the mojave installation guide?
      i have a mac high sierra 13.6 version on my macbook pro and want to install mojave on my desktop
      Exact config is Gigabyte gaming wifi 7 motherboard amy ryzen 7 2nd gen 2700X processor Gigabyte G1 8GB grapgic card VEGA 64
      running 2 nvme Samsung 256gb cards and 1 intel 180gb ssd internal and 1tb WD HDD, with 64 GB 3200Mhz Ram
      https://wa.me/919611736534 (whatsapp)