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    These forums are like ghost towns these days. I guess everyone's up and running
  2. @Pavo My Vega 64 card gets loud would this help?
  3. I'm getting a yes and a No which one?
  4. This will resolve my Strix Vega 64 card from being so loud?
  6. Just search for your board in one of the forums, choose one that matches your specs or closes and install Mac OS. You can start with MAC OSX HS. I didn't need a tutorial to dual boot because after I finished the install windows was already there to choose.
  7. I primarily will be using final cut pro x with this machine. Initially, I set my bios up to only use my dedicated Vega 64 and not the intel graphics. I have nothing connected to the motherboard HDMI port. Should I enable the iGPU as well for better performance for encoding acceleration? If so, what are the steps I should follow doing this, do I need to add additional .kext or make any changes to any other file? Thanks
  8. Update: for some reason when I unplug my second monitor it doesn't freeze at least not yet
  9. I noticed that when Mojave freezes the mouse only works. Seems everything else is frozen and I have to restart. I'm thinking its GPU related. I have my bios set to use only my Vega 64. I have dual monitors. Should I try with just one? Any suggestions.
  10. Sent my system details. Send me iMac.zip
  11. Can someone move this to the DSDT and SSDT section?
  12. This happen after I got the clover folder from @MaLd0n . Is it something with the kext he included? My hackintosh did some weird behavior, it froze that I tried to restart but the screens went blank and the GPU fan started to rev up like crazy. Any suggestions? Copy of my clover folder and other information. CLOVER.zip Not sure if this is related to me opening facetime, final cut pro x or QuickTime. Specs Asus Hero XI Asus Vega 64 9700k
  13. Anyone have this motherboard and has Mojave. Any issues updating the Bios?
  14. ccoaston

    What does this error mean in the console?

    @MaLd0n Any Ideas?
  15. fsctl error: Inappropriate ioctl for device, using HARDCODED desired threshold 12335448064 for volume_size: 1000169537536 I'm dual booting windows 10 which for some reason after updating to Mojave I'm unable to choose windows from the boot menu. I have to go into the bios and choose the windows drive. The windows drive doesn't have the UEFI in front of it anymore.