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ASUS P6 WS Pro (X58) with XFX RX 570 8GB


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I sold my GTX 960 and replaced it with the RX 570.


Worked OTB on High Sierra. The only issue was that I only get video out of the 2nd and 3rd DPs. DP 1 is just black, but doesn't say no signal. I haven't tested DVI or HDMI yet.


On the 2nd and 3rd DPs I do get 4k, so no real complaints.


Then I tried to install Mojave. Had a few issues that were related to other silly things I had done, but finally got the installer going. The only issue with the installer was that it only worked off of the 1st DP, so I had to keep switching. DP 2 and DP 3 were black.


Now with Mojave installed, DP 2 and 3 are black, and DP 1 has no signal.


I'm not using any lilu, whatevergreen, radeondeinit, nor InjectATI. I guess I'll try those next, but I had been reading that they were no longer necessary in later High Sierras and Mojave.


I'm at work so I can't post my EFI, but I will later when I get home.


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Adding CLOVER folder from EFI
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Yeah, looks like that worked! Thanks!


At first I got a bunch of kext with invalid signatured errors, and a restart, but -f fixed that, and now I'm good.

Lilu and Whatevergreen can go in EFI folder, they don’t have to be “installed” in S/L/E. If they are in S/L/E make sure you repair kext cache (kext utility will do this) if you decide to move them to EFI > Clover > Kexts > 10.14 / other.



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