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Help, HP Laptops Battery does not work

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You need help with the laptop battery, HP Pavilion 360 - 13-a200ns Specifications .


Intel Core i5-5200U con gráficos HD Intel 5500 (2,2 GHz, 3 MB de caché, 2 núcleos)


information battery : Model number : HSTNN-LB6L -----> 11.4V === 43Wh . Li-ion .

I am using ACPIBatteryManager by RehabMan and the patch DSDT # battery_HP-Pavilion-n012tx.txt , which is the only one that detects the battery, but is always 100%.

I leave the original DSDT and the patched DSDT.


info my Laptop:




Battery Panel:




Battery Info:


infobattery.png.aaa390743b109d611196089ca3e4f462.pngDSDT Original.aml.zip


My DSDT Original

DSDT Original.aml 


Thank you

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7 hours ago, Socrahm said:

I've tried it and it does not work.

With all the proof I've done, I think it's the battery patch for the DSDT.


Have you tried using SMCBatteryManager with your unpatched DSDT?  If so, and it did not work, then yes, it is the patch you are using.  Try using RehabMan's patch in MaciASL for the HP Envy 17t.  I have used it successfully for both an Ivy Bridge HP laptop and a Kabylake HP laptop and it is reported to have worked on a Pavillion as well.

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I have been testing, it does not work well, it works correctly when the battery is charging. from 0 to 100 correctly.


When disconnecting the power adapter, it shows 100% always, it does not show the discharge of the battery.


any solution. thanks


This is the patched DSDT.aml, which works best


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