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HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF - STUCK at Attempting system restart MACH Reboot

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Having trouble getting past the USB Installation. What happens is that I can boot to the USB and clover is shown, I then boot in verbose to watch out for errors and it hangs on "Attempting system restart MACH Reboot" I used the vanilla method to create the install and selected these settings ONLY Clover Bootloader. I have not configured the config.plist as I don't know how and couldn't find a config.plist for my Sandy Bride system, if someone can please help me with this it would be much appreciated as I want to document this for other users too.



HP Compaq 8200 SFF

CPU: i5 2500

GPU: Geforece G100 (works with Invidia Injection)


Clover Bootloader selections:

Install Clover in the ESP

Install boot0af in MBR

Clover EFI 64-bits SATA






I can't upload my EFI folder as it's too large?





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