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Boot FL1100

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Hi all,


I have a FrescLogic FL1100 USB 3 card. Clover can't see any of the hard drive connected to it. It works fine once os x booted.

I'd like to boot, from time to time, from a USB 3 HDD. Anyone knows if it's even possible ?



See the driver XhciDxe  and make a debug for it why it is not working with your controller.

In past I did the procedure for external VLC controller and I was successful.


May be you have to flash this driver into your UEFI BIOS.

i have  the same card. AppleUSBXHCIFL1100. and it dose not. activate till the os as booted. and driver loaded.

i know this as i can not wake up the pc  from a mouse or key board  plugged into the usb card. once booted into the os it works fine

i think you would need to convert the driver to a ffs file and add to your bios  with uefi tool. so clover sees driver  in the preboot part of the bios.



Of course, so far I have to boot clover from a usb stick connected to the main usb port, not the FL1100 ones. That's fine for now.

Sorry, I'm new to USB 3 and never heard of XhciDxe. So I tried it.

XhciDxe allows Clover to see my external USB hard drive, but only if I use a cable to force it USB 2.

With an USB 3 cable, nothing happens.

I have to dig into that...

Thanks Slice.


@BALDY_MAN I don't think a os x driver can be "converted" to efi.




@Jief_Machak i mean you could convert the kext file(driver for the usb card to a ffs file) format. then add it to the bios it self with efibios tool. then reflash the bois with the one you added the ffs too. 

so it see.s the usb card before the clover or os 

@Jief_Machak A kext file ie that controls a part for your motherboard. in my case a network kext can be converted to a ffs file. in your case  the usb controler kext for youR card and than added to a copy of YOUR bios. with UEFI TOOL then. reflash the modded bios  to your motherboard(ie bios with you converted  kext . so then in your case usb3 card can be active  before clover

Edited by BALDY_MAN

It's not because you put kext in BIOS that they are active at bios time. Nowadays, BIOS is not bios anymore but a small file system that contains ffs module. Ozmosis will get these module to inject in os x kernel. It's a strict equivalent to put a kext in Clover kext folder, except you don't need a partition for clover anymore.

@TheRacerMaster Am I right ?

9 hours ago, BALDY_MAN said:

I Thought that ffs files from bios. would load first and. make your usb card active for the hard drive to be visible .

sorry if i was mistaken


Yes, mistaken. There are two stages:

1. EFI environment with own set of drivers *.efi

2. macOS environment with kexts.

Second will not work in first stage.

I know you confused with Osmosis where you didn't see the wall between 1 and 2 while it presents.

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