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Migrate dual boot single disk to two separate disks - best way?


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I want to move from a single boot disk with both high sierra 10.13.6 and win 10 installed, cloning both OS to have their own separate disks. I don't have any issues but it seems separate disks is easier for backing up. Clonezilla doesn't support APFS so otherwise would try that. I have carbon copy cloner and thinking Winclone to clone my Win 10 partition (would prefer to operate backup tasks in high sierra). I didn't set up my system so I'm just trying to make sure I get it right. 

Think I need to:

  1. Clone high sierra to a new NVMe disk
  2. Copy the EFI folder from my current single boot disk on to new high sierra clone (do I still need the Microsoft folder keeping?)
  3. Change BIOS boot order from "Windows boot manager" to whatever my new high sierra clone NVMe is listed as 
  4. Test high sierra clone NVMe boots. 

I'm not sure about how I get Windows sorted, if I had made a clone would I format the original single disk and clone Windows back onto it? How will clover installed on the NVMe disk see the windows disk? 

Thanks for any help.

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