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Blinking Screen Issue (10.13/10.14/GT730)

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Hi !

I already posted this message in the French section, but I didn't got any replies so I'm trying here :)
So I have an issue with my hackintosh (that makes it unusable, really)
It's that the screen will go black for like 1/2 seconds every 5 minutes or so (depends, sometimes it can go as far as 5 per minutes)

I found a video showing the issue (not mine, but that's exactly the same thing that's happening to me)


DELL Optiplex 7010 Mini Tower
Intel Q77 Chipset
Intel Core i5 3570@3.4GHz
Gigabyte GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 REV 2.0
12GB DDR3 1600MHz
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Clover v2.4k r4722 (UEFI mode)

Latest A29 07/2018 BIOS

Someone pointed out it could be a power issue, but I really don't think it's that, even tho the power supply recommandation for the GT 730 is 300W, and the Optiplex PSU is 275W, the power supply recommandation is really often overkill (275W = 77W i5+25W GT 730+2 SSD and 1 HDD, doesn't make 275W)
And if It was, I would have the same issue on Windows when gaming, fair enough ? I don't ! I can play GPU intensive games (relatively speaking, we're talking about a GT 730 lmao) for HOURS with no problem, my PC is almost running 24/7, and no issue what-so-ever on Windows.

I tried both with Mojave and High Sierra, but no matter what, it does the same thing, and also, I think it's important to say that I had the EXACT same issue on my Dell Optiplex 780 (Core 2 Duo), so I believe that's a driver issue
I tried with both OS X driver and NVIDIA Web Driver, it does the same thing, but with the webdriver, I don't have working HDMI audio (oddly enough)

I'm using the latest version of Lilu+WhatEver Green, here's my CLOVER folder:


Let me know if you need anything (like a RunMe.app result, for example)

Okay, so I think that's it

Thanks a lot to everyone who will take the time to help me with that :D

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I think you should try to rename GFX0 to IGPU and then PEGP to GFX0 in your DSDT.aml. In Clover/kexts/other/ no kexts, where they should be instead of 10.14.  Place them there and put the with OS X versions named folders all to trash.


Have fun.

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The GFX0 is already renamed to IGP in clover, and why they should be there if there's macOS specific folder ? (since it effectively load the kext)

Tho, I'll try edit the DSDT, because honestly, I have no {censored} clue on how to do that, I just found a DSDT for the Optiplex 7010 MT online and I used it.

If you have a tutorial on how to edit DSDT that'll be helpful

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