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OSX Mojave on asus vivobook pro

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hey guys I'm having issues getting mojave installed on my asus vivobook pro n580vd

CPU: Intel core i7-7700HQ Kaby Lake-H

PCI BUS: Skylake

Sata Controller: Intel HM170/QM170 PCH - SATA RAID (RST) Controller [D1]


i can get to the point where its asking me where to install and my nvme drives don't show up (ether in that spot or the limited disk util from the usb)

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just tried that method and can't even boot to the drive created.

so far the furthest i have been able to get has been to the install screen where i can't pick my hdd to install to by using tonymac tool, retail mojave, and both clover folders (the one made with tool and the one in that link).

any ideas?

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same issue here, on hp envy 14t-j100, intel skylake (core i7 6700HQ) and Intel HM170 chipset with sata disk. Sometimes I can see a sata disk when I try attaching it using a sata-to-usb converter, but it shows a forbiden sign after reboot. stucking on this for a week now :(

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