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What's about Mojave and Optimus?

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Right now I still search about the new mojave.


The mac is showing my NVIDIA chip, just he can't identify that. And the vRam is 0mb. Maybe because i Have disabled the discrete graphics in DSDT. Now how I can enable it again and show the Optimus as eGPU chip?



NB: Clover wont boot if i injected the nvidia chip.


Intel HD 4000

Geforce gt630m

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 11.06.11 PM.png

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16 minutes ago, foskvs said:

If the nvidia chip is disabled, it doesn’t appear in System Profiler.

Optimus chips are different than “dedicated” GPUs. By the way, your 630M is a Fermi chip, usupported in Mojave.

So, what the chip that supported by mojave? And if its optimus, can he activated?

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