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  1. fight with this first. then ask again. HOW TO FIX YOUR ACPI BRIGHTNESS KEYS USING SMART TOUCHPAD DRIVER
  2. I have same issues. Create new users doesn't help. Reinstall or reupdate macOS with update combo.
  3. Hey, how to make safari animation working on first open? Its just to change to open new tabs on first open.. On Mojave, my safari doesn't open new tabs in first open..
  4. I Have set it to open new tabs as always.. Nothing happen
  5. Hello all! My hackintosh high sierra is very beautiful work. Start from wifi, bluetooth, performance, and acpi patch. But I need solutions to get touchpad secondary click working in high sierra as well as in yosemite, secondary click in high sierra with two fingers click will not working after boot, cold boot and restart, its only available when i disable and enable it in system preferences and need return this step after restart, and i have to secondary click with three fingers click. I have edit the info.plist of Applesmartouchpad.kext following the developer instructions. In yosemite, secondary click with two fingers click working very well with my custom info.plist and without go to system preferences. My touchpad is elan v3 and have installed new version of AppleSmartToucpad.kext. Hope someone can help me. Thanks all!
  6. I have switching this key many times. But has no effect, three finger tap still detected as right click, the two finger tap detect as middle button.
  7. I've been using the beta 5. @artur_pt how to fix this? Maybe is about nvram? I don't know...
  8. ghoys

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    How to edit keys? Like the fakesmc.kext and change the type of my smc, currently virtualsmc detect macbook pro 9,2 as smc-huronriver, i would to change it into smc-chiefriver. How to do that?
  9. Right now I still search about the new mojave. The mac is showing my NVIDIA chip, just he can't identify that. And the vRam is 0mb. Maybe because i Have disabled the discrete graphics in DSDT. Now how I can enable it again and show the Optimus as eGPU chip? NB: Clover wont boot if i injected the nvidia chip. Intel HD 4000 Geforce gt630m
  10. ghoys

    ACER ASPIRE - V3-471G

    Version 5.9.0


    I use this for mojave. Its good for daily use, really good. The USB Port have been synced for Apple USB HUB. And port limitation still there, so you can edit that from zero tricks. All the 64-bit code has been synced too. The base is from this my DSDT:
  11. ghoys

    What's about Mojave and Optimus?

    So, what the chip that supported by mojave? And if its optimus, can he activated?
  12. ok bro! my atheros 9462 has worked in mojave final release. But sometimes my mac is hang, on touchpad double click identified by single click.. Whats wrong in my laptop? BTW, when i replace card to 9485 it work perfect even speed as not like 9462.
  13. ok. I have attach updated files.
  14. Hello, after I browse some topics in this forum, I have some enhancements about power management for acpi, dsdt, ssdt, and usb. What is working: ACPI AUDIO ALC CPU SpedStep Ethernet Fan Hack GPU SpedStep USB Power Management Smooth Brightness Slider FN Keys Multitouch gesture What isn't work: Webcam Card Reader WiFi Bluetooth You just need put my kext and acpi tables in the folder: USBInjectAll.kext, FakePCIID.kext FakePCIID_XHCIMux,kext, RealtekRTL8111.kext to /Library/Extensions/[here]. and ".aml" files to /ESP(EFI)/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched/[here]. Other kexts put them to /ESP(EFI)/EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/Other and to /ESP(EFI)/EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/Other. Don't forget to add config.plist to /ESP/EFI/CLOVER/[here] Thanks to: Allah SWT. My Prophet Muhammad SAW. and other people for made the kexts and instructions. This is the Files you need:
  15. Recently I install wine and run "maktabah syameela", but that app is non-unicode, so when i open it, fonts are not readable and i see "rectangle font" only. when I change mac language, seems like font is readable, but not to all, other categories font in that app is "rectangle" only. I have copy all arabic font to .wine/diskc/windows/fonts/(here) but its same. help me please to fix this.. thanks..
  16. Hey, my laptop is core i5 ivy-bridge with 4gb 1333 ram and 750gb 7200rpm hard disk, its installed High Sierra and all working fine unless performance. When I editing the calendar, photos, and video my laptop is very slow. The final size of my files when i finish editing is less than 1gb. Now I have $57 budget for upgrade, is best for SSD Samsung Evo 850 or ram 8gb 1600mhz that i have searched in my country. Dont suggest other 850 evo ssd, in my country prize are that. Sorry for my bad english.
  17. hey. how to have native resolution in gt 8400 s?
  18. ghoys


    Version 5.9.o


    Start from brightness keys, wifi, sdxc, ethernet built-in, and usb patch multiplex for high sierra. NOTE: InstallUSBInjetAll.kext from rehabman, sinetex-rtsx.kext, wi-fi search from this forum for ar9462.
  19. Let me know that you using apple magic trackpad.
  20. Here you go! Country Code Patch for High Sierra - TonyMacX86
  21. I recently install high sierra 10.13.2 and my display dimmed when wrong button are pressed, thats in first boot. Example when i press 1 key on welcome screen my display dimmed, and when in terminal I press right arrow button in last script, my terminal window dimmed. But after i restart thats isn't happening again. Help me to enable that again. Thanks! Acer Aspire V3-471G Core i5 3210M Fixed! It is Accessiblity.
  22. Help me to enable discoverable bluetooth in my ar3011 on high sierra 13.3.4. Bluetooth was detected in System preferences and System Info, but i cant search any bluetooth devices.
  23. ghoys

    Apple Accessories need Power

    FIXED !!! Remove Patch Rename EHC1 to EHC01 and EHC2 to EH02 in Clover and add RENAME EC0 TO EC. Install and configure SSDTUIAC.AML and USBInjectAll.kext AppleBusPowerController will loaded !!!
  24. Hello. Recently I use high sierra 10.3.2. And I following tutorial to enable USB SSDT power management, the tutorial is to add device id and install USBInjectAll.kext and apply DSDT PATCH change EC0 to EC. After I do it (change EC0 to EC), my usb need power when plugged in and my hackintosh says "Mac Accessories need a Power" Connect to available mac bus, or similiar notification. when I delete the DSDT PATCH change EC0 to EC my USB full working. But I need to know how much my USB have native Power Management. Thanks Acer Aspire v3-471G Intel Ivy Bridge 3210M ssdt created whith ssdtprgen.sh, p-states working fine but intel HD doesnt have power management like in windows. 4GB ram single channel Clover r4411