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macOS High Sierra is no longer available in Clover boot menu


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Hi guys

Something horrible today occurred. I'm so shocked and urgently need your help.

Finder wasn't responding and I had to restart the Hackintosh. But after rebooting It just showed a black screen (even before loading Clover boot manager menu)

I tried to change the boot priorities but I stuck before reaching into the clover menu. I had to plug off the SSD drive and re-insert it. Now it smoothly got to clover menu but it just shows a Windows entry. There's no any macOS or HD Recovery item there!

1st idea: The drive is dead and that's why it looks like a wiped one and I can't see the macOS item anymore.
2nd idea: The boot clover files has been damaged.

NOTE : before reaching the clover menu, a lot of code lines appears for few seconds. Check out the attached image please.






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After lots of effort finally I managed to install High Sierra on my 2nd Drive (a healthy HDD) of my laptop in order to check out the damaged SSD.

Please check out the images. Let me know please if anything else is needed.




Note1 : disk0 is actually the damaged SSD, disk1 is a HDD where the current OS boots from. The weird thing is DISK2 which is the SSD but I don't know why it has been appeared in disk utility with two different Disk names (disk0 & disk2).



Note2 : disk0s2 The important partition which is the main one consisting of all my data. It is not mounted, as you can see in the above Disk Utility shots. When I click on 'Mount' button nothing happens. If you watch precisely you see the partition has no name when executing first Aid and is being shown with name "" (empty name)


Note3 : disk0s1 (EFI partition of SSD) is healthy. I've used Clover Configuration just for "mounting EFI" and fortunately it detected disk0s1 and clover and SSDT patches exist and everything looks fine there. It can be considered as a good signal from the drive.


Guys I urgently need you help me to repair or retrieve my data..


1. Container - First Aid.jpg

2. Container - Info.jpg

3. Disk0s2 - FA part1.jpg

4. Disk0s2 - FA part2.jpg

5. Disk0s2 - Info.jpg

6. A Weird Thing, called DISK2 - First Aid.jpg

7. A Weird Thing, called DISK2 - Info.jpg

8. Diskutil1.jpg

9. Diskutil2.jpg

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On 9/10/2018 at 5:30 PM, SavageAUS said:

Which version of clover did you install? The latest 4667 has issues so try an earlier version if this is the case.

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Thanks for participating..


Update of question would be find here on AskDifferent.


The problem, AFAIK, comes back to the corrupted APFS container. The data fortunately is intact and the drive is healthy. Just need to somehow repair the table/map/container. Need urgently someone do a favor and help me with that. Unfortunately, I don't have any backup of lots of data on the OS partition and need to boot the OS again.


found partitions.jpg

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