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A trick to get Flash Player to run with Safari


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I didn't see this trick anywhere else, I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere.


This works for my system:

Safari 2.0

FlashPlayer 7 for OSX

Under 'Safari Info', check the Rosetta box.


I personally was seeing several kernel panics/stability issues with Safari and Flash. I saw in some other posts that some people were indicating that "Open using Rosetta" worked -- that once checked, they were seeing success.


Over here the Rosetta option made no difference at first.


It turns out that (for my system) Flash 7 works with Safari and 'Open Using Rosetta'. . .whereas Flash 8 (which I had originally) was hanging the system. So the Flash version makes a big difference.


NB, it seems that the Safari plugin finder automatically takes you to the Flash 8 page on the Macromedia site, which wouldn't be the working version.


This is one place to get Flash 7:



If you have a broken install of FlashPlayer 8, this utility is supposed to help you clean it out. (I didn't try this myself, just thought it might be of interest.)



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Guest OSx86er

this is all true. except what was originally said is that he checked "Open using Rosetta" and it still did not work and he found that installing a older version of flash worked and I imagine he had "Open using Rosetta" checked when he installed both ver 8 of Flash and ver 7. I see no difference in the intell binary and the PowerPC binary of the new Safari 2.0.1 app file. I renamed my intel Safari.app file to oldsafari.app and copied the newest ver of safari.app the 2.0.1 app over named Safari.app and I was good ta go all my intell apps all work without checking open with rosetta and everything! no more problems newest flash8 is installed and working great and can't see any difference in speed! If checking the box "Open using Rosetta" woulda worked for me I would have done that but it did not work and I used Firefox but it has some compatibility issues with some sites.

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