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  1. donniedarko

    Post Your Leopard Desktop...

    lol i've got the same ^^
  2. Kalyway runs really great after the permission repair and you must have ci et qe enabled
  3. donniedarko

    Fix for 10.4.8 audio

    can someone send me the kext plz guillaume.mail@gmail.com thx
  4. donniedarko

    Semthex is retiring...

    thx semthex hope you'll change your mind with leopard
  5. donniedarko

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    i really think that vista is the worst os ever
  6. donniedarko

    Anyone else have slow webpage loading?

    yep osx network is way slower than xp no problems when donwload
  7. donniedarko

    I can't see subtitles in srt

    make sure the srt has the same name as the movie file for example movie.avi movie.srt then launch vlc video> subtitle track> track1 hope this help
  8. i have a netgear wg311t and i can't get it too work osx don't see it on the wiki it's written out of the box i don't understand :/
  9. donniedarko

    Apple Changes APSL License

    the % of people running osx is very low i don't understand why apple users can use windows xp with boot camp and windows users can't use osx it's not fair
  10. work super fast everyting's ok
  11. donniedarko

    My JaS 10.4.8 new kernel install DVD works

    can you boot without the dvd ?
  12. donniedarko


    i have no probs with the current dvd erverything is smooth except i can't boot without the dvd
  13. erverything is ok but i have to boot with dvd and leave the timer to 0 to boot how can i boot without the dvd ?
  14. donniedarko

    New JaS DVD

    yep my iso is f***ed up wait for jas to launch a brand new dvd
  15. donniedarko

    10.4.8 JaS Install Reports - ONLY -

    i really don't understand as soon as i click skip dvd verification there is an error i have burn the dvd 2 times at different speed then re download the iso same things i really don't understand on a p4 sse 3