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problem upload files error -200

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Hi guys

Really nice look in the site !

but i have a problem, i try to upload a zip file 2.7MB and i got this error "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"

i try with safari and firefox (both in last version) no adblock add-ons , no joy

Any ideas ?


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Same thing happening to me. BTW this just happening with .zip files I can upload the image. 

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      In this forum is possible to use the file manager to upload files, photos/.plists or kexts.
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      Alguns usuários novatos (Newbies) não conhecem esta função. Neste forum é possivel usar o gerenciador de arquivos para o uso de uploads (fotos ou.plists) ou kexts.

      Assim, não é preciso o uso de outros sites pra isso.


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      Há e uma dica, quando forem dar upload em algum arquivo(.plist ou kext), tentem manda-lo compactado.

      Evitando algumas mensagens de erro.