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  1. All appears fine - as always, you da man!! Will attempt the upgrade now after I make a back up. Fingers crossed and thanks again D
  2. Replaced with new DSDT, reboot. New Dump: https://www.dropbox.com/s/87tsu0xuqhm2nxw/Send me Home-Servers-Mac-Pro-2.zip?dl=0 Thanks so much for your help man (I hope you enjoys the beers )
  3. Hey mate - replaced DSDT and reboot. All appears ok. New files dump: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pe53iedgnin044/Send me Home-Servers-Mac-Pro-2.zip?dl=0
  4. HI MaLd0n, HappyEaster to you mate - hope you had a good one! Looking at upgrading my Dell 990 to 10.13.4 - however been having a little trouble with the system (USB 3 ports randomly ejecting). Was hoping you could take a look at my files before hand. Usually the updates go well on this machine so I'm hoping it's not too much trouble. Anyways - have bought another couple of beers for you, thanks in advance Uploading Files does not seem to be working at the moment - link to 'send me' folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i4typgogm4z6t1g/Send me Home-Servers-Mac-Pro-2.zip?dl=0 Dan
  5. Beer is bought Many thanks System boots well - still have 'your Mac started because of a problem' - will upload the log file in next post. Run me files attached from your clover folder Dan ***EDIT*** Hey MaLd0n, Nevermind - error report has gone after restarting again! There was an SD card inserted - this was causing the issue and a long boot time. Now all good - boot fast, no issues Thanks again mate and enjoy the beers - wish I could afford more Dan Send me Danss-MacBook-Air.zip
  6. Send me Danss-MacBook-Air.zipHi MaLd0n, And another - was feeling brave so updated my Dell Latitude to High Sierra - all appears well except have 'your computer started because of a problem' error at each start up. May not be related to the install (I have a feeling its a NVRAM issue) however I have attached the run me files if you could take a look. Also - anyway of buying you a beer? thanks again Dan
  7. Hi MaLd0n, All work as it should with your DSDT - do I need to make any changes / edits from the config file now or is it good to go? Thanks again soo much Dan
  8. Thanks MaLd0n - here are the new dumps D All USB 3 ports reading and working! You da man! Send me HomeServersMacPro3.zip
  9. Hi MaLd0n, I hope you are well -many thanks for taking the time to help us all out! Anyways - new hack. Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF integrated graphics. All appears fine except USB 3. Could you take a look? Regards, Dan Send me HomeServersMacPro3.zip
  10. Hi Maldon - Replaced the Dsdt with yours and everything works as should - will attempt the upgrade to 10.12.5 this weekend. Have re run the IOreg & Run me files after using the new DSDT and attached for review (if needed) Many thanks again Dan Marshal DSDT & SSDT.zip Dan Marshall IOreg.zip Dan Marshall RUn Me Files.zip
  11. Hi Maldon - Hoping you can help me. Currently on macOS Sierra 10.12.3 however having difficulty updating to 10.12.4 / 10.12.5. System Specs: Dell Optiplex 990 Sandybridge i5 XFX GeForce 8400 GS Attached DSDT, IOReg and the Run Me files. If you can offer any assistance I would appreciate it - has me stumped! Many thanks for all your work for the community Regards, D DSDT & SSDT.zip IOReg.zip Send me.zip