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Back from work


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A guy comes back home after a working day, he goes straight away in the armchair, switch the TV on and tells his wife :


- bring me a beer quickly before it starts ! !


Embarassed she looks at him, but brings him his beer.


As soon as he finished his beer, he says :


- Bring me another beer quickly…It ‘s going to start.


This time she looks at him nervously, but brings him his beer.


When he finished his beer, he says :


- Another beer quickly, before it starts.


It’s enough ! ! !she shouted.


You’re a {censored} !


You come back home, you install your big ass in the armchair, you don’t even say Hello to me, and me, I’m here…as your slave.


Do you realize that I cook, I clean up the house and I iron all day along ?


The guy quietly says :


- here we are, it’s starting…..

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