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QE and CI on Intel i865 (0x25728086) work?

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I installed OSX on my new computer (Pentium4(SSE3), Intel M/B with i865 chipset, sound, video and net onboard, 60Gb PATA HDD).

All ok, but some problems with video:

1) i installed AppleIntel830.kext AppleIntel830GA.plugin AppleIntel830GLDriver.bundle into Extensions folder, insert in Info.plist files vendor id 0x25728086 and correct owner and permissoins on this kext's, remove /System/Library/Extension.mkext and /System/Library/Extension.kextcache - after reboot my screen scrambled!!!!

2) i remove AppleIntel830GA.plugin AppleIntel830GLDriver.bundle from Extensions folder and reboot - image on screen normal, resolution, color depth and refresh rate swith work from Display preference pane, but System Profiler report CoreImage and QuartzExtreme not supported.


Howto make CI and QE workable on i865 video?

Please help me!!!

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