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a useful and helpful solution in an unfavorable situation with the internal laptop graphics card

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a useful and helpful solution in an unfavorable situation.
if the internal graphics card is incompatible or not powerful, or VRAM is too low to run video games with it.
It should also consider and test it with Pentium, Celeron or Atom CPUs,
I have not read this but think that it may be possible? plz check this
The installation should be very simple, on some laptops must be disable the internal graphics card in bios and you have to open the case and plug the EXP-GDC-Beast Dock on a Thunderbolt 3 slot (if available) or on the PCI-Express-slot. for PCI-Express-slot, here you must remove the installed W-LAN-card and plug the EXP-GDC-Beast.

In addition,  you need a PC power supply for the power-hungry graphics card

For more information look at the manufacturer page or see various youtube videos:

the Costs vary from 35  to 60 euro per Suppliers (of cource without graphics card and power supply :D )


No idea if this dock will be compatible without driver installation?

it seems to be macOS compatible, according to this information:


Please test and report. I have no suitable hardware to test the above information. I ask for feedback.

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