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Update of a 4,1 iMac upgraded to Core2Duo

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I've an early 2006 iMac (4,1) that I updated with Core2Duo. I then upgraded the firmware to 5,1 and everything works without issues. It is currently running 10.6.8. System profile reports it correctly as an iMac5,1.


I wanted to update it to El Capitan (or Mavericks at the very least) because most apps are in dire need of upgrade. The problem is that the MPF and macOS extractor guides have a prerequisite that you start at Lion (10.7) and I just can't get it installed.


I've followed the procedure described in this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/249877-how-to-install-lion-on-any-coreduo-mac-upgraded-to-a-core2duo/, specifically post#8. In a nutshell, I've:

  • created an "InstallLion", restoring it to the contents of the BaseSystem.dmg file found inside the installer volume.
  • removed the symlink and copied the installation packages.
  • deleted the PlatformSupport.plist and copied the new  OSInstall.mpkg.

It doesn't even boot from the image. I've also tried in an external USB drive and no dice. It starts booting and immediately shuts down.


Does anyone have any clue where to trouble shoot? Is there an updated procedure that has a better success rate? Is it possible to get a bare system image from someone with an upgraded iMac5,1 that has it working?



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I believe that, yes, this will create a correct boot image. I use it that way, then I install clover and kext and it works correctly, I suppose that it will also be that way in its necessity.

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Did you give a bless(ing) command:

sudo bless -folder /Volumes/Boot -file /Volumes/Boot/boot -setBoot -legacy 

You may have to edit this to be compatible to your system the way you named the file.

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