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on an other forum an apple guy claims the apple imac power supply does not out put 5 volts to the M/B

I find that hard to believe as every PC M/B has 6 separate 5 volt line coming in from the P/S


any body know for sure if apple imac mid 11 21.5 has NO 5volt line out from the P/S to the M/B

the guy said the M/B takes in 12 volts and converts that down to 5 volts for sata usb ect on the M/B not the P/S

unlike a PC but like a laptop that has 12 volt power in from the battery


any body know or have a mid 11 imac P/S pin out both at the P/S and at the M/B end of the main power connectors ?

or know if a delayed or separate signal is needed to get the 5 volt power up and running ?

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the apple service manuals I posted a no CC free link to my unit in an other thread in this section


are totally worthless for testing parts

they are idiot guides with little data or tests other then does it turn on yes/no

if not replace the unit part

they are remove and replace the whole unit [power supply] with not tests of the unit

no pin out even as to what line is what power is on what line

just how to replace one with a new unit part to run up the bill


no useful data on what cap or solder joint fails first/most common est

just replace the unit and pay us top dollar

like a common pc 's p/s 250w is $20-30 new

apple is 200w for $150 at total rip off as they are china junk bits like caps that fail often

and are not as good as a common pc units p/s that cost 5 times less

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I know exactly how you feel

i think most "Service Manuals" now a days just are not what they used to be. I am having the same issue as you with a large format canon printer. it is just as bad as the apple. according to the service sequence you keep swapping parts till it works at the end of it all it winds up costing about 2k$ to "repair" when its probably a simple transistor or fuse that costs 10 cents to replace if you had a real service manual with a real schematic.


I repaired a iMac 2010 not too long ago. the power supply was dead no diagnostic LED's lit I replace the power supply with a second hand unit. I looked through the power supply and really could not find anything wrong but anyways it turned on but according to the manual LED 4 did not light that meant graphics is not initializing so now ordered a used graphics card that also did not work so next step was replace logic board and I did with a used unit then the machine worked. so hopefully you do not wind up going down the same path as I had too.

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