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I am officially an idiot...<--help this guy


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okay so I managed to install the mac osx 10.4.6 then upgraded to jas 10.4.8. (thanx for the help ramjet) I have my sound working (i didn't do any configuring.. it just worked) now couple things i really need help with.


#1. how do i install semthex kernel?

#2. how do I enable my ethernet card?

#3. how can I install titan?

#4. how can I correct the clock? (as in time) (from what i know, i heard its something to do with fsb, but I am so computer illiterate to a degree where i don't even know if i should set it on 100, 133, or 200)

#5. why doesn't my processor speed show in mac osx?


I am a complete moron when it comes to mac. I really need a step by step info. Please shed some light upon this ignoramous~!!


things i have prepared


semthex kernel (~8megs)



things i know....

-in order to change the stuff inside the plist, i have to copy it, paste it, then convert it into txt file then save it, rename it back to plist, and replace it with the original

-same applies to kext as well (am I correct on this?)


My spec.

Dell m170

pentium m 2.0 (sse2)

1gb ddr2 533mhz

geforce 7800grx

60gig 7200rpm (10gig partitioned for osx)

broadcom 570x gigabit integrated controller


p.s. if you guys help me~ I will be sure to make a step by step guide for dummies~!!!

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I: As far as I know, SSE2 support is still very much limited in the Semthex kernel. It may work poorly, or not at all for you. I wouldn't risk hosing your perfectly running Tiger install unless you absolutely need it.


II: I'd suggest you use the forum search feature to look up "Broadcom 570x"


III: Drag the Titan.kext file to your Extensions folder. Go into Terminal.


sudo -s

cd /system/library/extensions/

chown -R 755 *

chmod -R root:wheel *

Delete /system/library/extensions.kextcache and /system/library/extensions.mkext

Reboot and cross your toes.


IV: If you're worried solely about having a time-telling device handy, I'd suggest simply using a network time server. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best :).


V: The fact that you're not running a genuine Intel Mac doesn't help. Mine shows up as a 3.7 ghz Intel Core Solo, when it's actually a 2.0 ghz X2 (two cores) I wouldn't worry too much about it.


I hope this helps somewhat. I'll reply with more answers to question if you have them.




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it is chown -R root:wheel. not chmod, like chmod -R 755.

Thanks for that. I was just copying the line from the previos poster, I guess malachi made the mistake.


Anyway, now my boot up sequence is stuck at the "diskard" error. How do I go into command line or shell mode so I can hopefully fix it?

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