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(Guide) Mac OS 10.12.6 installation on Surface Pro 2

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1) Hi everyone, I write this guide for Surface pro 2 install Mac OS 10.12.6 but you can use this for 10.13:

How work:

- Speedtep

- Sleep, wake

- Optimize battery 

- Graphic

- Brigness Control

- Touch Control with Touch-base (not work on 10.13)

- Micro SD card

- Type Cover with Touchpad

- Sound with Dummy HDA and Mic

- Battery control fix

- USB 3.0

- Imesseger, Facetime, Siri...

Not work:

- Wifi

2) My surface pro 2:

CPU: Core i5

Ram 4Gb

Graphics: Intel HD 4400

SSD: 128Gb

3) OK, let go:

Download this:


In my file: you can see:

EFI Folder

Dummy HDA foe Sound

AvastarFwLoader for Bluetooth

NullEthernet fix Apple Store, FaceTime...

Easykextpro for utility install

Created install Mac OS 10.12.6, you can download on Internet, use USB 8GB or 16GB, remember format Guid to have EFI partition.

After created Install, use Clover Configater  mount EFI of USB and copy folder EFI you download above in it. Remember copy all file above to root USB install

Reboot Surface keep volume down and power when Clover screen show, choose Mac OS Sierra to boot. 

In the Screen install, you open Disk Utility and created 1 or 2 partition if you want install Window. Choose partition to install and wait 20 minutes.

After reboot Choose partition you installed it and boot, after setup complete. Open Clover Configator and mount EFI hard drive and copy folder EFI in it. Use Easykextpro install Dummy HDA, AvatarFwloader and Nullethernet. If you have usb wifi, you can install driver. Reboot again whit not USB.... It done.

If you have Touch-base software license you can install it.

Report me if you have problem.

I have you latest Clover Bootloader, you can use this for Mac OS 10.13, if you want in stall and boot APFS, please install APFS.efi latest. But touch-base not support 10.13.

Youtube preview:

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Thanks for posting the tutorial. The surface pro 2 has had MAJOR bluetooth problems in this os. Any tips to get it functioning better? Has been difficult to get anything major done without the mouse and keyboard. 


THANKS IN ADVANCE. By the way, visiting vietnam now. Can pm with a zalo number.

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Messaged op multiple times...waited long for replies...none...


I do native ios engineering in objective c and swift and have been hackintoshing for numerous years...so fair warning:

Unless as adept at hackintosh as rehabman or similar, don't use the op's guide...dsdt or similar seems to have issues. Installed about 10 times many different ways...then tried earlier version...still problems...usb and bluetooth

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Op hasn't answered any questions here or by pm. Don't use this guide until it is updated with proper USB solution to make bluetooth work properly...not simply show up.


If only need one bluetooth device to work vaguely reliably, maybe this will do...maybe...


Actually...any skilled sp2 hackintosh types can reply with some links to fully functioning dsdt and plist.


Thanks in advance. Already asked jape about bt and he said it is likely a usb config issue.

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Posted (edited)

Please take note that there are definitely problems with the USB ports and Bluetooth using the above config.plist and DSDT/SSDT, as also mentioned by previous poster.  It seems these problems are due to changes introduced in later versions of El Capitan that continue into Sierra/HighSierra.  I've spent a long time testing with both a 4200U and 4300U model using a USB WiFi WN725N v2 (containing a RTL8188EU chipset).  After a lot of changes to DSDT/SSDT, everything is working OK for me in 10.13.6 with the attached files.  I don't personally use bluetooth very much, so don't be upset with me if that is still acting up. I am attaching my modified DSDTs and SSDTs as tested on a SP2 4200U.  It should work for you on SP2 4300U but you may need to modify the power management.  Sorry I won't be able to work on this any further, but hope this will help you all!



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