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  1. Tried the no_pwr DSDT and the SSDT from the first page on a Surface Pro 2 in Sierra and the machine was doing an auto reboot. Said something about Aptiofixdrv and that was about it. Any recommendations how to get past that? Currently running Sierra on SP2 based on another guide, yet would like to use the DSDT that was posted on this topic because it seems bluetooth works properly with that on SP1. Thanks in advance for guidance on getting that working with SP2 properly!
  2. Use the rehabman Intelbacklight kext. Can somebody post a proper plist and DSDT and SSDT for Surface Pro 2 in Capitan or preferably Sierra 10.12.6 ?? Thanks in advance! Honestly would be great if the community comes together to make the final version of each OS version function perfectly on both Surface Pro 1 and 2.
  3. Anybody can post some proper DSDT and SSDT files for Surface Pro 2? Had used a problematic tutorial posted by tran huang or similar on this forum. Basically after weeks of effort, most things are functioning...bluetooth is still problematic though and wonder if USB is actually configured right in the ACPI files. Thus the request. Thanks in advance! By the way, used FakePCIID posted by Rehabman to get a lot of things functioning properly. Basically the intelbacklight kext, the graphics kext, the mux kext, in addition to the title kext. That made the USB get handled as 2 and 3 and also made the backlight work and the graphics card acceleration to function with metal and so on. Still would like a control panel to better configure the HD4400 drivers.

    (Guide) Mac OS 10.12.6 installation on Surface Pro 2

    Op hasn't answered any questions here or by pm. Don't use this guide until it is updated with proper USB solution to make bluetooth work properly...not simply show up. If only need one bluetooth device to work vaguely reliably, maybe this will do...maybe... Actually...any skilled sp2 hackintosh types can reply with some links to fully functioning dsdt and plist. Thanks in advance. Already asked jape about bt and he said it is likely a usb config issue.

    (Guide) Mac OS 10.12.6 installation on Surface Pro 2

    Messaged op multiple times...waited long for replies...none... I do native ios engineering in objective c and swift and have been hackintoshing for numerous years...so fair warning: Unless as adept at hackintosh as rehabman or similar, don't use the op's guide...dsdt or similar seems to have issues. Installed about 10 times many different ways...then tried earlier version...still problems...usb and bluetooth

    (Guide) Mac OS 10.12.6 installation on Surface Pro 2

    Hi Thanks for posting the tutorial. The surface pro 2 has had MAJOR bluetooth problems in this os. Any tips to get it functioning better? Has been difficult to get anything major done without the mouse and keyboard. THANKS IN ADVANCE. By the way, visiting vietnam now. Can pm with a zalo number.
  7. Wait...the front page says the cameras work alright...as the WIFI is the only issue listed...yet...the cameras don't seem to function properly...and "iGlasses" is recommended? So the camera issue should be added to the list of not-completely-functional in OSX hw.
  8. I installed Mavericks, yet the front camera has some kind of video noise when trying to use Quicktime to record a movie. Any good recommendations on how to make the cameras function properly? 10.9.5 running on a Surface Pro.