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    (Guide) Mac OS 10.12.6 installation on Surface Pro 2

    Please take note that there are definitely problems with the USB ports and Bluetooth using the above config.plist and DSDT/SSDT, as also mentioned by previous poster. It seems these problems are due to changes introduced in later versions of El Capitan that continue into Sierra/HighSierra. I've spent a long time testing with both a 4200U and 4300U model using a USB WiFi WN725N v2 (containing a RTL8188EU chipset). After a lot of changes to DSDT/SSDT, everything is working OK for me in 10.13.6 with the attached files. I don't personally use bluetooth very much, so don't be upset with me if that is still acting up. I am attaching my modified DSDTs and SSDTs as tested on a SP2 4200U. It should work for you on SP2 4300U but you may need to modify the power management. Sorry I won't be able to work on this any further, but hope this will help you all! CLOVER_10_13_6_matts.zip