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Have you guys ever looked at the codenames Intel uses for its products? They're actually really cool, they got stuff like Ironlake, Alpine Ridge, Dragontail Peak, Clover Trail etc.


I wanted some original names for the computers I own so I wrote up a little Python Script to mix and match the Intel codenames to see what cool stuff I could get out.

Here is the script:


prefix = input("Input Prefixes. Will be seperated by spaces: ").split()
suffix = input("Input Suffixes. Will be seperated by spaces: ").split()
for i in prefix:
    for s in suffix:
        if i == s:
            print(i, s)


Pretty much for prefix you put the first part of the word you want e.g. Iron, Alpine, Ice and for suffix you put a list of suffixes you want e,g, Lake, Ridge, Trail etc. Seperating them by spaces.

You can use an online Python executer to run it, I used IDLE but just do it online if you don't want to download stuff.


I used these as prefixes for my list:

Air Alpine Anchor Apollo Ash Auburn Aubrey Bay Bear Bloom Blue Broad Camino Cannon Canoe Canyon Cave Cherry Clear Clover Cold Copper Crystal Devils Diamond Dragontail Eagle Echo Emerald Forest Fox Frost Ibex Iron Ivy Hawk Kaby Lake Light Lynn Oak Pilot Pine Polar Ralston Red Red-Rock Rock Sandy Sea Shark Shoal Silver Skull Sky Snow South Tiger Tunnel Valley Wolf Wood


and these as suffixes for my list:

Bay Bridge Canyon Cave Cove Creek Dale Falls Forest Fountain Harbour Hawk Hill Hollow Isle Lake Land Mine Mont Mountain Pass Point Pond Reef Ridge River Trail View Ville Vista Water Well Wood


It generated 2038 lines lol


Some of my favourite ones it made were Irontrail, Cloverlake, Icewell, Alpine Bay, Dragontail Hollow and Crystal Reef.


Attached is the output of the program if you're too lazy to copy and paste some stuff into a python executor.


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